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Oil changes
Whether your vehicle needs conventional, high mileage, synthetic blend or full synthetic oil, M and A Auto care is comprehensive preventive maintenance to check, change, inspect, flush, fill and clean essential systems and components of your vehicle.
Auto Tune Up
On many of the newer cars, just spark plugs, fuel and air filters and PCV valve remain of the items that we used to consider part of a “tune up”. Someday the spark plugs may disappear also. Because the word “tune up” can mean so many different things the manufacturers don’t list tune ups in their maintenance schedules. 
Engine Repair
When your “Check Engine” light comes on, come into M&A Auto Care. Our ASE certified technicians will diagnose your engine and recommend the right repairs, at the right price. Whether you come in for your check engine light, maintenance or repairs, you can count on us to properly diagnose your engine.
Brake Repair & Replacement
Brake repairs and services are just one way we work hard to earn your business. We can repair and replace all types of brake types and brake parts (disc, drum, ABS, etc.). In fact, many auto repair shops do not have the trained technicians or the right equipment to diagnose anti-lock brake systems – but we do! We can inspect your brakes and brake pads to let you know how often to replace them; then show you what we find and let you know our recommendations for your brake repairs.
Alternator Repair & Replacement
The alternator on your car keeps the battery charged. When the alternator begins to malfunction, it can prevent your vehicle’s battery from recharging properly. If you experience any difficulty starting your vehicle, we recommend an immediate inspection. Symptoms for failing alternators, starters, and batteries are similar and require inspection by trained professionals.
Clutch Systems Repair & Replacement
Normally, a clutch plate (driven plate) is coated on both sides with a hard wearing high friction material. The clutch plate is situated between the engine flywheel and a spring-loaded pressure plate. After that the spring/pressure can be released by pressing on the clutch pedal, whilst driving, the whole clutch assembly can be turning at a very high speed. If something doesn’t feel right, we can use our trained technicians to conduct a comprehensive check of your clutch system.
Car Axle Repair & Replacement
The axle connects to your wheels through the CV joint. This CV joint is protected by a CV joint boot. Should the boot become damaged brake fluid can leak out and cause some major problems with your axle. If your vehicle is not turning as smoothly as usual or you are having problems stopping your car, you might need an axle repair. If your vehicle’s axles need to be replaced, we can help you find the best axles and install them for you so you can get back on the road quickly.
Timing Belt Repair & Replacement
Your vehicle’s timing belt is one major component that must be serviced on a regular basis. The belt keeps the crankshaft in sync with the camshaft while the engine operates. Your timing belt ensures proper timing and operation of the valves when this belt breaks engine damage is unavoidable.Under power, or at speed, a broken timing belt may cause irreparable damage to your engine. Each vehicle’s manufacturer will recommend a timing belt replacement intervals from 60,000 miles to every 105,000 in most cases. In addition to the belt, tensioners & water pump replacement may be recommended at this service.
Fuel Injection Systems Repair & Replacement
Fuel injection has advanced cars from the days of clunky, inaccurate carburetors. This fine-tuned process delivers the exact amount of fuel your engine requires. As such, engines are powerful and efficient, letting you get optimal performance out of your Nissan, Volvo or any other make.However, if your fuel injectors become clogged and need repairs, you may see reduced power, lower gas mileage, and all-around sluggishness. If you detect these symptoms, bring your vehicle to Brach’s M&A Auto Center for fuel injection repair. We test and repair all fuel injection system issues, including fuel injector cleaning, fuel injection rail replacement, and fuel injector flow adjustment.
Starter Repair & Replacement
Your vehicle can show several signs that the starter may be bad and that it needs replacing. One sign to look out is your engine turning over slowly, or you have to try a few times to get the car turn on.  If you hear clicking when trying to turn your car on this can also be an indicator that the starter is bad. Probably the most obvious sign you need your starter replaced is if your vehicle won’t start altogether. If your battery is good, it’s likely you’ll need a starter replacement. You can check your battery output at many auto parts stores or bring your vehicle to us.  We can check all of your systems and ensure we are fixing the right problem
Air Filter Repair & Replacement
When you see a “2” appear on your vehicle Maintenance Minder, it is time to replace your engine air filter and pollen air filter. The engine air filter may also need to be replaced when excessive dirt builds up from extreme driving conditions. All Acura engine air filters are specifically engineered for your Acura to catch all unwanted debris. Avoiding this can result in severe engine damage. The filter’s job is to keep dirt, debris, and dust from entering the engine’s cylinders. Dirt and debris sucked into the engine can shorten the life of the engine.
Water Pump Repair & Replacement
Gasoline keeps your car moving, but other fluids keep your engine working. Coolant or anti-freeze is necessary to keep your engine temperature regulated. If the water pump is not working, your car’s engine may be at risk. M&A Auto Care can diagnose and fix water pump issues on every make and model.
Air Conditioning Repair & Replacement
It’s almost cruel to even think of a driving your car without an air conditioner in the scorching summer. With the wear and tear that your car goes through every day, it is common to see problems in the air conditioner. While most of us end up spending dollars on fixing it, there is something simpler you can do. You can fix it with some basic automotive air conditioning repair at home, saving yourself the expense of going to a car mechanic. The hack is simple to carry out, whether you own a hatchback or a sedan. Yes, here is what you can do when your car air conditioner is broken.
Catalytic Converter Repair & Replacement
The catalytic converter is an exhaust component that reduces the emissions your engine produces. It reduces the amount of carbon monoxide (a greenhouse gas) produced by your engine by converting it into carbon dioxide. It also converts nitrogen oxides back into nitrogen and oxygen. The catalytic converter is located underneath your vehicle, between the engine and the exhaust. All modern vehicles must feature catalytic converters to comply with emission requirements.
Exhaust System Repair & Installation
Install a top-graded exhaust system for your vehicles and make your engine work correctly. Add an advanced car exhaust and muffler system to increase fuel efficiency and cuts emissions that pollute the air.If your car exhaust system is blocked for some reason, ask for professionals help from M&A Auto Service. We can easily correct this for you. Our team of expert technicians will check the exhaust and muffler system thoroughly for any leakage or fault, to avoid any risk of carbon dioxide fumes being released into the environment.
High-Performance Exhaust System Installations
High-quality performance exhaust systems dramatically change the look and feel of your car. Your vehicle will experience increased horsepower and torque, among other things. In order to receive all of the benefits from this part, you need to have your performance exhaust installation performed by a professional. A technician will properly secure the exhaust in place to keep it from rattling around or breaking loose unexpectedly. They can also keep your exhaust maintained and tightly secured when you come in for regular inspections and services.
Muffler & Flowmaster Installations
Flowmaster Inc. – The Exhaust Technology Company is a leader in the design, manufacture, and distribution of completely engineered exhaust systems/kits for cars, pick-up trucks, muscle cars, foreign cars, SUVs, diesel trucks and most vehicles. We have the most number of exhaust systems available for a different year, make, and model vehicles in the industry.
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